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Hey guys!! I have around 235 visitors on my blog! BUT I AM SWITCHING BLOGS! my new blog is a kidblog and the please go and see me on that blog! I will give you the URL soon! I think this is it but it might not work! 70otkp9vecpgy2u6bnv41wahn

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Back to school!

Its that time of year again folks! Back to school! Summer is ending! Some of you might think beacuse summer is ending so is the world too! But for some reason I am like dieing not knowing my classes yet! I find out today. Lets try to keep out minds on the good things!

There is always the fun first week of school.

Also you get to see your friends again!

Have you even felt that cozy feeling on a cold moring

inside school when its dark outside I love that!

Dont forget the SNOW DAYS! 

Also having those fun silly moments with your teacher

like taking a selfi with them or something!


These fun things plus many more! I get that we are all dreading the first day and the time when school starts again, but hey we cant do anything about it! So I would try to enjoy every possible minute of it you can!!

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Almost over

Summer is almost over 🙁 I get to go to 7th grade in about 20 days. I am taking one high school credit class so is Sam! Yikes! I am not sure what to think on 7th grade, I guess you could say I am nervous and a little exsited. I am also going to be doing alot of dance durning the school year. I have know idea what to exspect, wish me luck!

-Alex 🙂

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I am BACK!

Hey so sorry I have not been going on my blog! I have had so many camps and I had swim team I just havent had the time! I just looked at my flag counter and OMG I have so many people visting my blog! Thank you guys all sooooo much! 🙂

When I have free time I will try to post as much as I can, I miss my blog and you guys! Okay so far my summer has been great! I have done swim team and got a few first places! I also went to a really fun sleepaway camp called Wyldlife which I talked about a few post back, It was the best week of my life it was so much fun! I am currenly doing dance camp and it is so hard! This other girl and I had to go into a class with 16-18 year olds and I just turned 13. We had to do italian fouette’s (if you are a dancer you know what I mean). We also had to do the whole barre on pointe! Anyway it is still super fun. I am getting ready to go to amzing race camp and this acting camp. I am also thinking about running a camp of my own later on this summer! Anwyay I will try to post alot more miss you guys!


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Hey its SUMMER! I havent been posting alot because well I just said why, summer! Anyway I might not be posting alot because of this awesome time of year, but I will still try to get on and post as offten as I can! Talk to you through the screen! Bye!


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Summer Here we Come!

Only 20 more days! Until…… SUMMER! Just think how cool this sounds “Summer 2015”! Almost there! I love summer because there is one the pool and two no school also…. the beach! This means late nights, sleep in’s, and tans! If you know me I will be at the pool 24/7!  Also knowing me I will also be having sleepovers that we stay up late but we sleep in. Also lemonade stands will happen and chasing ice scream trucks.

Summer here we come!Also some of the camps I will be doing include a two week dance camp, a soccer camp, and a camp called Wyldlife. Wyldlife is a sleep away camp that my sister, a bunch of our friends, and I are all going too. You get to go to a beach and you get to go on zip lines. You also get to ride this 0ver 100 foot high swing! These and so many more fun things. Here is a link: http://www.younglife.org/ForEveryKid/WyldLife/Pages/WyldLifeLearnMore.aspx

Summer is the best your hair gets lighter, freckles get bolder, nights get longer, and skin gets darker. Memories is a funny word they can be good and bad, and good and bad are nothing alike.  Some of my summer memories I will tell you. CAUTION THIS INFORMATION MIGHT INCLUDE SCARY CONTENT! Just kidding :). Anyway last summer my sister and I were biking to swim team I heard noises above the tunnel but I figured it was just a bird or something. I was wrong. I entered. A black, glowing eyed, scary creature jumped in front of my bike. I screamed. Listening to my loud echo bouncing of from the tunnel I stopped almost causing my sister to run into me. Soon I noticed it was a raccoon! We both dropped our bike and ran. Our adventure to swim team was going no where. That was a bad time at the moment but an awesome memory . This was one out of tons of more from summers in the past. Have fun this summer! What are your plans?


Answer the 3 questions correct in the comments below to win! After 2 weeks if nobody has won I will list hints, then a week after that the answers. Good Luck!

1. What is the hottest temperature and where was it?

2. How many people are named Summer in the US?

3. How many pools are there in the US?



Watch this video I made about SUMMER!

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Power Up! With Goggles!

In science class we are learning about energy. We are doing this really fun project in which we have to plan an product that is powered by energy. My group came up with hydro goggles! The idea is that there is a small water turbine on the goggles with a blue-tooth chip. Another blue-tooth chip would plug into your phone. When you swim you will also be charging your phone! Its a great way to get exercise.


Also we planed and app that you could buy on your phone. When the blue-tooth chip is in your phone in it will tell you how fast and how far you swam! Of coarse we can’t actually make it 🙁 but its the planning and brainstorming that counts! We also made a survey that you can take about the idea of the goggles! Please try to check it out!



Image result for goggles   

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Yesterday I posted a blog post. Can anyone guess what type of poem that was? It was a….. Limerick! The other day in class our whole class wrote some and we had time to share. I think it went really well. Besides from the silly ones wait they are superposed to be silly! Limericks are really fun they can be silly and they don’t have to make sense. Lots of kids made some about our talkative class and some kids made them about students in our class! It was really fun! I challenge all of you to write a limerick! Maybe even ask your teacher if your class can do some! 🙂

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Doodle Jump!

Guess who just got a new and fun widget? ME! I just added doodle jump to my sidebar you should really try it out. It is really fun. There might be an ad on top of it just close it out and then you can play. Have fun playing!

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Write Poems! Why? Because you can!

There once was a class that was cool

2/6 the funnest block in the big school

Kahoots, blogs, conversations off topic

The class is easy to see so spot it

My school is a weird weird big school

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    level 0 -- the Computer is totally dumb.
    level 1 -- Computer is smarter (original version).
    level 2 -- You MAY win (only when you start).
    level 3 -- Computer NEVER lose.
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